Monday, April 7, 2008

Is There a Reason to Change Real Estate Firms – It May Change Your Career

Do you sometimes feel like your real estate career is going nowhere? Do you feel like just a number at your current real estate firm? Do your brokers set quotas or unreachable expectations? Do you feel that you are continually fighting for listings/sales within the brokers and salespersons within your firm? Are your sales not where they have been in the past? Do you feel that your brokers do not share with you the tools that have made them successful? Are you losing out on potential sales because of the reputation of your firm? Being a Realtor can be and should be the most rewarding occupation that anyone could have. You are entrusted with the most valuable asset that most consumers will acquire during their lifetime. A properly trained and equipped Real Estate Professional will not only provide their client with the data to make an educated investment in real estate; but they typically make a true acquaintance for life. Successful agents find a way to have past clients work for them and build their client base. There is a distinct difference between a Real Estate Salesperson and a Real Estate Professional. Keeping your clients informed with what is happening with market conditions and trends should be part of your everyday agenda. To do this, you must have the tools in place to keep in touch with your clients. Don’t be the one that pads the statistics that state most people do not remember who their real estate agent was 3 months after the transaction. There are many tools available to turn you into the Real Estate Professional. With the number of agents in the Richmond, Virginia and the surrounding counties of Hanover, King William, Henrico, Chesterfield Powhatan Caroline and other surrounding localities of Richmond, Virginia, you must rise above the rest. Make sure to join a team that shares the same work ethic and values that you have. I will give you two tips and in addition, I look forward to hearing from you if I can go into further detail on how selecting the right firm can make the difference between having a successful and rewarding real estate career vs. a flailing, lackluster and unrewarding and short lived real estate adventure. Tip 1. Don’t allow yourself to get too high or too low during the real estate process. Stay on an even keel and you will do yourself and your client well.

2. Never feel that you have to hide from anyone in the grocery store. Remember, do one good thing for a client and that client will tell another person about you. Do one bad thing to a client, and that client will tell dozens of people to stay away from you! Do what you say you will do when you say you will do it! Don’t do things that will make you not want to face that client at a later time…

Compliments of: Kathy Holland, Broker/Owner Resource Realty Services